NinjaFlex Print Withstands Multiple Underwater SCUBA Tests

Jim Rouse and his team at Boudlo Forge Ltd in Guernsey, have created print samples to test in underwater atmospheres. Using NinjaFlex, they printed a simple parametric knurled ring that can be added to knobs on various underwater dials on electronics, such as camera rigs, to aid manipulation with cold water gloves on.

The team conducted over 50 SCUBA dives in salt water at depths averaging 18m, topping out at 40m. The tests totaled 50 hours at average pressure of just under 3 atmospheres with no deformities on the print.

Based on their findings Jim’s team is confident that NinjaFlex offers a safe and effective solution for creating prints that withstand underwater environments. They recommend that prints avoid having any internal air spaces in the design, as these would most likely contract and expand during descent and ascent. Find out more about their work here.

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