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Football Helmet

3D Printing in Sports

From hockey helmets to baseball tees, 3D printing technology is revolutionizing sports with custom applications for every type of athlete.

How is 3D printing used in Sports?

Athletes go hard, and 3D-printed sports equipment like cleats and helmet padding can put TPU filament’s vibration-dampening properties to good use.

Protecting players is one of the most important parts of the game, and now sports gear can be 3D printed to fit the player’s head, foot, chest or other body application.

3D Printing Use Cases in Sports

3D-printed sports gear does its work behind the scenes with applications inside helmets and athletic shoes.

Athletic Shoes: Some small footwear outfits are 3D printing entirely custom sneakers using NinjaTek® material. Meanwhile, the larger shoe manufacturers of the world are 3D printing prototypes to demonstrate style and features.

Shoe Insoles: This application overlaps with the healthcare industry because the more customized your insoles, the better they’re going to perform, whether it’s on the field or in everyday use.

Helmet Padding: Protecting athletes from serious head injuries has inspired designers to explore new materials like TPU 3D printer filament. TPU’s vibration-dampening properties as well as its ability to be molded into never-before-tried geometries add a new layer to the cushioning inside the helmet.

Baseball Tees: Batter up! TPU filament can take a beating, specifically from a baseball bat, when it’s used to make durable baseball tees.

NinjaTek® Filaments in Sports

From helmet liners to sneaker insoles, NinjaTek has you covered, head to toe. Our materials range from soft to rigid, and we provide a wide color spectrum for even more customization.

  • Use NinjaFlex® for insoles, helmet inserts and prototypes (such as this lacrosse helmet case study).
  • Use Cheetah® for helmet chin straps.
  • Use Chinchilla™ for custom helmet inserts.

FAQs about 3D Printing in Sports

Is TPU durable enough for high-impact sports?

TPU has excellent vibration-dampening properties, and it’s durable and strong enough for impact resistance. When combined with foam and other padding materials, 3D-printed components can level up your gear. If you’ve got some specific questions about a sport and one of our materials, reach out to us.

Which NinjaTek Filament Do You Need?

Compare hardness, elasticity, impact resistance and other properties of our 3D printer filaments.

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