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NinjaTek 3D printed head on filament spool

Printing Guidelines

The printing guidelines below highlight recommended speeds and temperatures to be considered when printing with NinjaTek® filaments. Remember that every printer is unique and may require adjusting your settings a bit to get the best results.

Extruder TempPlatform TempPrint Speed
Top & Bottom Layers
Infill & Shell Speeds
NinjaFlex225˚C - 250˚CRoom temp - 50˚C10-20 mm/sec15-35 mm/sec
Chinchilla225˚C - 235˚CRoom temp - 40˚C10-20 mm/sec15-35 mm/sec
Eel220˚C - 230˚CRoom temp - 45˚C15-20 mm/sec45-60 mm/sec
Cheetah225˚C - 250˚CRoom temp - 50˚C25-45 mm/sec50-80 mm/sec
Armadillo210˚C - 230˚CRoom temp - 50˚C20-30 mm/sec35-60 mm/sec

Additional recommendations:

Fenner Precision Polymers
187 West Airport Road
Lititz PA 17543 USA

[email protected]