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3D Printing in Fashion

In the world of custom, 3D-printed wearables, you can use flexible and durable NinjaTek® TPU filament for a number of projects, from runway dresses to cosplay costumes.

How is 3D printing used in Fashion?

3D printing is opening up new ways of designing and manufacturing unique pieces of clothing, from couture to cosplay.

In high-end fashion, customization is key. Instead of “off the rack,” your imaginative designs are “off the printer,” customized to your exact measurements. TPU 3D printer filament is lightweight and stretchy, providing a flowy, bouncy nature to the finished outfit.

3D printing in fashion gives designers plenty to work with when it comes to the variety of filament to make textiles for clothing and shoes. Plus, you can print things you couldn’t find at the store, like a custom superhero suit for cosplay.

3D Printing Use Cases in Fashion

Lost a button? Print a new one. Need something unique for an event? Design and print an outfit you can guarantee no one else will be wearing. 3D printing is gaining a foothold in the fashion world as more designers are inspired by the potential of 3D printing, which brings new textiles, styles and ways of working.

3D-Printed Clothes: Fashion designer Danit Peleg is a pioneer of 3D-printed clothing, and her designs have been featured on television and in fashion magazines. She designed the first ready-to-wear 3D-printed jacket, which takes more than 100 hours to print and assemble. Peleg also encourages aspiring artists to push the limits at home with printing kits and online courses on her process.

Alternative to Screen Printing: You can also use 3D printer filament to print directly onto a T-shirt, creating unique and intricate designs that have more texture and depth than a traditional screen print.

3D-Printed Buttons: An easy print project that’s immediately useful is a replacement button for your jacket or sweater. You can find plenty of open-source designs. Opt for a rigid filament like Armadillo, available in 11 colors.

NinjaTek® Filaments in Fashion

With NinjaTek’s flexibility, color palette and durability, you can create unique and one-of-a-kind designs that not only look good but offer comfort.

  • Use NinjaFlex® for insoles, dresses, shoes, cosplay and phone cases.
  • Use Cheetah® for shoes, cosplay and phone cases.
  • Use Armadillo® for cosplay armor.
  • Use Eel™ for cosplay.
  • Use Chinchilla™ for clothing, cosplay costumes and wearables such as watch bands.

FAQs about 3D Printing in Fashion

Can a 3D printer print shoes?

Yes. You can order custom-printed sneakers and sandals, while some major footwear designers use 3D-printed parts to create mass-marketed shoes.

Can you 3D print clothing?

Yes, you can 3D print flexible, plastic clothing at home with an FDM printer and thermoplastic filament like TPU.

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