3D Printed Replacement Washers for Gymnastic Equipment

Cody Umberger, Vice-President of North Star Gymnastics in Boonton New Jersey, is a fellow 3D printing enthusiast who is always eager to share his concepts with the NinjaTek team. Cody’s latest design uses Cheetah TPU to replace worn out washers on gymnastics equipment.

Acetal washers are typically used in the mounting of women’s uneven bars. They act as a spacer at the connection point between the vertical post and the horizontal bar. They fill a small gap and prevent metal on metal grinding.

The problem is they don’t last that long. The constant torqueing of the bar during use, grinds and flattens out the acetal washers. The bar then tends to rotate and squeak as the plastic washers wear thin.

A perfect replacement for these parts are washers made from Cheetah.  Cody keeps several thickness of Cheetah washers handy to fill different sized gaps on the various bar sets in the gym.

“The industrial grade strength of the Cheetah TPU is very apparent! I have several back up washers printed but it doesn’t look like I will need to use them anytime soon.” says Umberger.

After several months of use, the washers still look brand new. The slight compression with the material allows the washers to squeeze into different sized gaps, eliminating noise and any twisting with the bar during use.

Aside from saving money on replacement parts, North Star is very excited to be able to incorporate this cutting edge technology into their universally recognized gymnastics program. You can visit them online at northstarsgymnastics.com.

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