Save the Life of Your Favorite Pliers with 3D Printed Protective Grippers

Kyle Hossler is a full time machinist who was running into frequent issues at work where he needed a pair of vice grip pliers that would not damage the surface of is work. To solve this machinist typically grind out the teeth on an old pair of pliers, and braze brass into the void.

Kyle saw an opportunity here to apply his CAD skills along with the 3D printers at his local makerspace, to create a pair of slip-over soft jaw covers for his favorite set of pliers.
Protective Grippers

Within a week he had the design laid out and the first set printed using NinjaTek Cheetah 3D printing filament. The design was very simple but effective; it wrapped up around the side of the pliers and fit around the head like a glove.

He also designed grooves into the part for the teeth of the pliers to seat into for a better fit.

The design has been tweaked a few time sense the first iteration and he has managed to get the print time under 30 minutes for the product. He has been using his custom made soft jaw protective grippers for about two months now and they continue to exceed his expectations. He almost never uses his plier without them anymore due to how well they work.

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