3D Printed Pneumatic Gripper Sets New Standards for Soft Robotics

Cody Umberger of Umburry LLC, created a pneumatic gripper using NinjaFlex TPU filament. The flexible and durable filament provided a suitable material for producing soft robotic gripper attachments.

Umberger explains that the current standard for producing soft robotics is to cast silicone in molds or 3D print the soft fingers on a SLA type printer. Using a FDM printer, his innovative design provides a viable alternative to the status quo.

In fact, Cody’s design proves several key advantages over traditional solutions:

SAVINGS: FDM printing provides a functional alternative for significantly lower production costs.

TIME: Design iterations can be re-created and in testing in a fraction of the time compared to silicone casting.

DESIGN: Cody’s simplified pneumatic system eliminates the necessity for vacuum pressure, which is typically required to open the grippers. A pressure regulator easily controls the gripping force instead.

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